VP Business Agency offers you  all the services necessary for the submission and implementation of your project:

  1. We help you open your company, with the help of the lawyer we work with  (no headaches, no queuing);
  2. Project writing - We prepare the Financing Application and the Business Plan
  3. Online submission of the project i
  4. We create the website  and take care of the identity of your business, with the help of our partners.
  5. We promote your business  through several channels
  6. We offer consultancy for  project implementation (preparation of payment requests) and annual progress reports (during project implementation and project monitoring)

BUSINESS ACCELERATOR - The most complete consulting program available in Romania, for the development of your business: Strategy, Negotiation & Persuasion, Marketing & Sales, Mentoring. More details and registration can be found HERE.

Among the services we offer are:
1) Project writing:

  • checking the applicant's eligibility, eligibility of expenses and optimizing the score
  • Telephone consulting / at our company's headquarters
  • Preparation of the financing application
  • Preparation of the business plan
  • preparation of financial projections
  • Preparation of the technical project
  • Preparation of the forecast balance sheet
  • Preparation of the project budget

2) Assistance to the implementation of the project, after earning the financing (duration 3-12 months):

  • Procurement files
  • Telephone consulting / at our headquarters
  • Market research
  • Payment / refund request
  • Supporting notes
  • preparation of the settlement file
  • response to clarifications requested by the financier
  • support for signing the financing contract (if applicable)
  • support with suppliers (if applicable)
  • support with the partner bank
  • support for the visit of the financier for the certification of expenses (if applicable)
  • support for monitoring visits (if applicable)
  • intermediate / final reporting (after the completion of acquisitions)
  • support annual monitoring visits
  • more