Future flight challenge phase 3: strand 2

Future flight challenge phase 3: strand 2
Founders: -
Funding type: Grant
Total fund: £65 million
Award: £500,000 and £4 millions
Publication date: 11 October 2021
Period: Monday 6 September 2021 - 3 November 2021 11:00am

  • Your project must focus on one or more of the following, to demonstrate the operation of vehicles in a representative environment whilst meeting a viable and challenging use case with:

    • a real-world use case application which drives integration of the different aviation system elements for each of the three Future Flight vehicle classes

    • AAM: Inter-town transport or Intracity Transport

    • drone or AAM cargo delivery

    • drone or AAM medical delivery

    • hub and spoke drone delivery service

    • AAM Infrastructure or Vertiport

    • automated ground handling and charging systems

    • operation of sub-regional electric aircraft

    • air traffic management (ATM) and unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems

    • digital and communications systems

  • Not funding projects that:

    • are a development of systems or sub-systems for application to large civil passenger aircraft or are standalone aircraft developments

    • have no plan for engagement with an end-user or operator

    • are developing sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) for gas turbine or turboprop aircraft

    • focus on defence or space applications of autonomous or electric flight

    • are fundamental research or feasibility study projects

    • are dependent on export performance - for example, giving a subsidy to a baker on the condition that it exports a certain quantity of bread to another country

  • are dependent on domestic inputs usage - for example, giving a subsidy to a baker on the condition that it uses 50% UK flour in their product

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